2017-07-24: vc5, copy performance, DSI

This week’s VC5 progress included:

  • Major fixes to texture tiling and layout
  • Major fixes to branching in shaders (the uniform stream didn’t branch the same as the PC)
  • Implementing textureSize()
  • Implementing texelFetch()
  • Implementing textureQueryLevels()
  • Partially implementing transform feedback
  • Fixing gl_VertexID/gl_InstanceID usage.
  • Fixing some NaN behavior
  • Fixing assertion failures with PointSize set when drawing non-points.
  • Fixing use-after-free with Z or stencil (but not both) clears.

VC5’s GLES3 correctness is reaching the point where I need to start building the 7268 kernel driver, and then do some of the basic performance work (shader threading, QPU instruction scheduling)

I made another small fix to the X11 copy performance series I have, that improves things when windows have rounded corners, and spent a while planning out next week’s work on the overlapping blit extension.

I sent out another version of the DSI series (effectively v6). The bridge driver maintainers seem happy with my core DSI support changes, so hopefully the panel maintainer will be OK with them as well.