2017-11-20: VC5 GL, VC4 stability, VC4 backport

Another series of VC5 GL features this week:

  • Mostly implemented Z32F_S8 texture/FBO support (building new helpers for other drivers that have to do this)
  • Implemented helpers in core gallium for mappings of MSAA buffers.
  • Landed fix for stencil reference values.
  • Landed fix for colormasks for BGRA (not RGBA) FBOs.
  • Landed fix for clear color for BGRA FBOs.
  • Landed fix for 16/32-bit integer texturing.

For VC4, I reviewed and landed a bugfix that would cause kernel oopses in the IRQ handler path for the out-of-memory signal. I think this covered the only known oops in VC4’s 3D.

I also spent a while on the VC4 backport, debugging a regression related to the DSI changes: Now when the panel is disconnected, the VC4 driver won’t load when the DSI panel is present in the overlay. Unfortunately, there aren’t really good solutions for this because in the ARM DT world, the assumption is that your hardware is fixed and you can’t just optionally plug hardware in without doing a bunch of manual editing of your DT. I’m working with the DRM bridge maintainers to come up with a plan.