2018-03-27: VC5

The VCHI patches for Raspberry Pi are now merged to staging-next, which is a big step forward. It should probe by default on linux-next, though we’ve still got a problem with vchiq_test -f, as Stefan Wahren found. Dave has continued working on the v4l2 driver and hopefully we’ll get to merge over it soon.

After my burst of work on VC4, though, it was time to get back to VC5. I’ve been working on GLES conformance again, fixing regressions created by new tests (one of which would wedge the GPU such that it never recovered), and pushing up to about a 98% pass rate. I also got 7278 up and running, and it’s at about 97% now. There is at least one class of GPU hangs to resolve in it before it should match 7268. Some of the pieces from this VC5/6 effort included:

  • Adding register spilling support
  • Fixed 2101010 support in a few places
  • Fixed early z configuration within a frame
  • Fixed disabling of transform feedback on 7278
  • Fixed setup of large transform feedback outputs
  • Fixed transform feedback output with points (common in the CTS)
  • Fixed some asserts in core Mesa that we were the first to hit
  • Fixed gallium blits to integer textures (TGSI is the worst).