2018-06-25: V3D conformance, VC4 display

For V3D, last week included:

  • Created the DRM fourcc for talking about the new UIF tiling between processes.
  • Fixed offsets of buffers shared between processes.
  • Reduced CPU overhead and binary size of V3D and VC4 release builds.
  • Fixed min/mag determination in non-mipmapped texture filtering modes.
  • Implemented ALPHA_TO_COVERAGE.
  • Fixed flushing of jobs writing to separate stencil buffers.
  • Fixed the return status of ClientWaitSync.
  • Fixed blits from linear winsys BOs.
  • Wrote a workaround for broken transform feedback setup with gallium NIR.

For VC4, I fixed a regression in display initialization in drm-misc-next. I’ve also been doing some study of the HVS to help Boris with the T-format scanout offset patch. Hopefully with what I figured out today, he can get it all working. I also respun my DSI enable/disable sequencing patch to not need any changes in the core.

Finally, I put together the branches for bcm2835 maintainership for kernel 4.19. This week I should PR them.