2018-07-09: V3D conformance, VC4 writeback

Now that my V3D GPU hangs are cleared up, I made a lot of progress on conformance:

Fixes from last week:

  • Don’t reset the GPU until it stops making progress on the job (instead of just a fixed timeout).
  • Fixed noperspective interpolation
  • Fixed leaks of default attributes and spill BOs.
  • Fixed ARB_color_buffer_float clamping of gl_FragData[]
  • Fixed support for GL_EXT_draw_buffers2’s independent blend enables.

Fail/(Pass+Fail) ratios after my weekend run:

  • EGL: 96/2143
  • GLES2: 7/16985
  • GLES3: 25/42549
  • GLES3 multisample: crash!

I’ve debugged the first MSAA crash, but there are some MSAA resolve bugs after that which I need to sort out (some of which are probably the cause of those EGL failures).

On the VC4 front, Boris landed the writeback changes, and I submitted the DT for it in my ARM pull request.