2019-08-02: Raspberry Pi 4, moving on

Recently the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the Raspberry Pi 4, which shipped with the V3D driver I wrote as its GLES driver.

I’m pretty proud of the work I did on the project. I was a solo developer building a GLES3 graphics driver based on Mesa, splitting my time between the new V3D and maintaining VC4, while also fixing issues in the X server and building a kernel driver. I didn’t finish everything (the hardware should be able to do GLES 3.2, and I almost made it to CTS-complete on 3.1 before shipping), but I feel like this is clear proof of how productive graphics driver developers can be working on the Mesa stack.

Now, I’m working at Google on the freedreno graphics driver and Mesa in general, as part of the Chrome OS graphics team. The folks at Igalia are taking over from me on V3D (I’ve already done a bunch of review of perf improvement and bugfix patches they’ve made), and Bootlin is going to be continuing to work on getting open source display to parity with the closed source stack. The future of open source Raspberry Pi graphics is still looking good, even if I’m not driving it any more.